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2 stars

The facilities you will find will depend on the category of the establishments. In this way, 2- star hotels will provide private bathrooms, color-television ( sometimes it will be cable T.V, sometimes not ), ceiling fans. Some 2-star hotels will have superior equipment in their rooms, adding : telephones ( ddi-ddn ), minibar  and carpets;  as for services you will find: cafeterias, 24 hour- bars, laundry, etc. Hotels located in residential areas usually have small parks  and gardens and they all have parking-lots.

3 stars

A 3-star establishment has rooms that include all the  facilities mentioned before as well as air-conditioning, hydro-massage, safety-deposit box, and functional music, in all or some of the rooms; likewise the variety of services increases and all 3-star hotels have laundry service, 24 hour- bars, fax services, and some of them have garages, restaurants, baby-sitter services, Internet service, games-rooms, etc.  Those located outside the peninsula, have ample parks and gardens usually with swimming-pools, some of which are heated.

4 stars

The 4 stars will have a greater luxury than those mentioned. Both the furniture, such as the building itself. The rooms will be larger than the other hotels with better decoration and equipment. The service will be even more professional, as also will have room service 24 hours. These hotels have laundry and dry cleaning. The restaurant will be refined. They all have a pool, either open or indoor heated.

5 stars

These hotels, will have extremely wide spaces and extremely luxurious. Your guests will feel at home. Everything about the house and furniture, reflects elegance and sophistication. The service itself is of the highest quality. The restaurant will have international quality. The rooms will have all possible comfort. Stereos, hot tubs in the bathrooms, teve-cable, among others. It will have very complete fitness centers, even hairdressers. The location of these hotels, is among the best in all the cities they are.