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Punta del Este is a city connected to the world through the airports of Montevideo and Buenos Aires, that together with the one in Laguna del Sauce, widen the possibilities of reaching the city by air.

Technically, since the year 1998 you can reach Punta del Este directly from the main urban centers because the new airport can accommodate large aircrafts.

Traditionally the greatest flow of tourists comes from the city of Buenos Aires, so the routes with the greatest frequency are the ones called “puente aéreo” ( aerial bridge ) – Buenos Aires-Montevideo and Buenos Aires-Punta del Este – controlled jointly by Aerolíneas Argentinas and Pluna-Varig.

In the last years, due to the great increase of tourist demand from other countries of the region, Punta del Este receives charter flights from Sao Paulo and Porto Alegre and this tendency is meant to globalize and extend itself to the rest of the great MERCOSUR and Chilean urban centers.

For further information, check the official sites of the flight agencies ( at the end of this page)

Duration of flights From the following cities to Punta del Este. Keep in mind that from some cities, there is a stopover in Montevideo first.
Ciudad Hours City Hours
Asunción 2.45′ Nueva York 11.15
Artigas 1.35′ Paris 14.15′
Bella Unión 2.00′ Paysandú 1.15′
Buenos Aires 0.50′ Porto Alegre 1.45′
Colonia 0.50′ Río de Janeiro 4.15′
La Paz 5.15′ Rivera 1.35′
Londres 14.40′ Roma 14.45
Madrid 12.25′ Salto 1.30′
Melo 1.15′ San Pablo 2.45′
Miami 9.15′ Santiago de Chile 3.15′
Montevideo 0.15′ Tel Aviv 18.15′
* For further information visit the official flight agencies’ web sites.
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