Fluvial Access


This is the way of access most tourists coming to Punta del Este from Argentina choose.

Ships cross the Río de La Plata over to the city of Colonia and to Montevideo, and the fastest modalities of these trips last no longer than 1 to 3 hours, respectively.

On some key dates, such as New Year, the end of the month in the summer and Carnaval, tickets are usually sold out, so if you are travelling around these dates, we recommend that you make reservations well in advance.

The “Río deLa Plata” is considered to be completely navigable, although because it is not too deep, there are constant small waves.

Before you embark, during the trip and when you arrive in the port, you will be able to purchase duty-free items, both in port terminals and on the very ships.

Customs proceedings are simple; one of the 3 existing companies issues your immigration cards together with your ticket.

Since the 97/98 season, some ships arrive directly in the port of Piriápolis, which has been enlarged and conditioned for that purpose.

The trip lasts 4 hours.

* For further information, check the official web-sites of the maritime companies.



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Oficina en Brasil solo por Agencias


Bs.As ARGENTINA Office Office

Phone. + (598) 4311 – 4700 / 4311 – 5183

Fax + (598) 4311 – 5076



There are no Offices in Brazil

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