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About Centro de Hoteles

Centro de Hoteles y Restaurants is a non-profit, gremial and civil association, with an uninterrupted 49 – year course of development.

It brings together the most traditional Hotels and Restaurants in the eastern area, having approximately 62 members.

This Institution has as its aim the defense of the general or private gremial interests of its members and providing legal counsel in labor and fiscal matters; it also encourages the development, promotion and comercialization of tourism.

Its main patrimony consists in the support which the social community provides, developing the initiatives which arise from the interest and commitment of the members of the Committee of Directors and from those who, day by day, join the proceedings which make this center a true reflection of the good disposition for the development of Punta del Este as a city ideal for tourism.

This Institution has several reservation centers in different important tourist locations.

You will find all the relevant information concerning hotels in Punta del Este: services, rates, availability, etc, in any of our offices.

You will also have access to a wide choice of restaurants of different levels and categories, with their corresponding services, menus, and costs.


Avda. Gorlero y Calle 23 – Torre Verona Loc. 15
+ (598) 4244 4051 – 4244 3997

Reservations and hotel central information

Pda. 24 Rbla. Claudio Williman Playa Mansa
Tel. + (598) 4223 9139