Punta del Este and its surroundings have a hotel capacity of approximately 12.000 beds, of which Centro de Hoteles de Punta del Este has 7000, distributed among some 70 hotels of different categories.

You will find different room options in our hotels, such as double and triple rooms and rooms and apartments for 4 and 5 people, and these rooms have different bed formats ( single, single and a half and double beds, Queen and King size beds, etc ) and combinations of the same in one room or in 2 rooms in the case of the apartments.


The rates are in American Dollars, and in most cases they include breakfast and taxes.
A hotel “daily stay”means any period of time which goes from 10 am of one day to 10 am of the following day. The high season begins, depending on the hotel, on December 20th and ends on February 28th.

Easter Week and “Carnaval” ( traditional carnival similar to Mardi Gras, held on the same date ) are usually considered to be high season periods. Finally, on the low season rates are reduced by 50%.

Although our prices are in American Dollars, you will be able to pay with the equivalent in the National Currency, with Argentinean Pesos and sometimes with Reais ( Brazilian Currency). Most international credit cards are accepted and in first-class establishments traveller´s cheques are accepted.


Telephone service rates from our establishments are not unified so it is advisable to inquire about their cost.

Adding a bed has an extra cost of at least 25% of the value of a room for 2 people. Cradles and beds for babies ( cots ), are not usually charged.


In August 1755, Don José Joaquín de Viana, together with 13 neighbors, some of which were married and had children, marched towards the East, where he founded the “town” of Maldonado, with the purpose of supplying provisions for ships that stopped in or sailed along the “Río de la Plata”.

On January 27th, 1816, the Department ( as in Province ) of Maldonado is created, having as its center the city of San Fernando de Maldonado.

Today the Department of Maldonado has a population of 147.000 inhabitants and its main centers are Maldonado, San Carlos, Punta del Este, Piriápolis, Pan de Azúcar and Aiguá.

The Spanish, English and Portuguese built many architectural works in our Oriental soil; Maldonado has several of these buildings as treasures of its past and present, which have marked and are part of the history of the Department.

Some outstanding ones are the “Torre del Vigía” ( the tower of the watchman ), the “Marco de los Reyes” ( landmark of the Kings ), the “Cuartel de Dragones” ( famous soldiers´s quarters ), and the Cathedral of San Fernando de Maldonado.

This Department is rich in soil and cattle, but its main market is tourism, and saying tourism is saying Punta del Este.  Originally, Punta del Este was an Indian or Native People´s settlement, and much later a village of fishermen.  And in the year 1907 its name ceases to be Village of  Ituzaingó, and it is thereafter called “Punta del Este” ( Eastern Point).  Around 1940 it starts being promoted as an internationally renowned seaside resort. 

Geographically it is located on the southeastern coast of the Republic, 140 kilometres* from Montevideo.  This privileged peninsula stretches into the ocean like a hand between the Gorriti and Lobos Islands and it has immense beaches, both calm-water and rough ones, with both grainy and fine sands, rocks and an environment of forests and sand-dunes that make it the most sumptuous tourist center in America.

Its climate of maritime air strongly spiked with iodine, mixes with the scent of pines and allows nature to be reborn in the summertime. The activities that will keep you entertained in Punta del Este are countless. You can practise all kinds of nautical sports, from surfing to jet-skiing, sailing and diving in its beautiful beaches.

There are big sports centers to practise all activities such as tennis, football or soccer,  paddle, polo, etc. In the town´s surroundings you can also visit farms, “tambos” (dairy farms ) or ecological reserves.

And in the nighttime you can visit places such as Cassinos, Cinemas, the “Feria Artesanal” ( Craftsman´s fair or market ), or simply walk along Gorlero Avenue, visiting shops that sell articles from all over the world. 

Young people will find that along the whole coast, from Solanas to La Barra, there are famous discos where they can dance until dawn.

And last but not least, Punta del Este counts with the well-known amability of the local people, which are intrinsically good hostesses and will make you feel you´re at home.

* 1 mile is equivalent to 1.608  kilometres 


Administración Nacional de Correos 4244 0103 – 4222 2003 Información Turística 4223 0050
Aerolíneas Argentinas 4244 4343 – 4255 9782 Museo de Arte Americano 4222 2276
Antel 148 – 4223 7000 Museo Francisco Mazzoni 4222 1107
Banco República 4244 0120 – 4277 0822 – 4223 2517 Parada de Taxis 4244 6399 – 4248 2691 – 4222 9090
Bomberos 4222 3777 – 4222 3111 Policía 109 – 4222 4401 / 4244 1991
Buquebus 4244 2515 – 4248 4995 – 4248 8380 Policía de Tránsito 4222 3990
Casino Nogaró 4244 1918 – 4244 1957 – 4244 5859 Prefectura 4244 1967 – 4244 3995
C.H.R.P.E. 4244 4051 – 4244 0512 Reclamos de UTE 0800 8111
Cot 4222 5026 – 4248 6810 – 4248 7599 Reclamos de OSE – URAGUA 142
El Jaguel 4248 4513 – 4248 4378 Sanatorios 4222 2860 – 4248 9151
Emergencia Médica 4222 8333 – 4222 9000 – 4222 8778 Salud Pública 4222 5889 – 4222 5890 – 4222 4199
Fundación Ralli 4248 3477 Yatch Club 4244 0219 – 4244 0224 – 4244 1881